VIP Lottery Services

With the every changing technology it is no surprise that every industry and business is jumping on
the mobile app ease of access bandwagon. Playing your favorite lottery game just became a lot more convenient with some states allow you to purchase tickets from a mobile app and they also reward you with some extra bonus prizes.

VIP Memberships:

Many states offer residents the opportunity to sign up for free VIP lottery services. Each state offers its VIP members a number of different perks from second chance drawings, additional ways to earn points for prizes and lottery new notifications.


If your state offers a VIP lottery service chances are you can use your lottery tickets for a second chance to win some exceptional prizes. Most of these second chance drawings are limited to non-winning instant tickets though.

Special Offers:

Many VIP Lottery services offer their member’s special discount or promotions for lottery products. They also get frequent newsletters that will let them know what prizes are still available, especially useful to those who love scratch offs, and what new offers and games will be making a debut in their state.

Taking advantage of the many VIP lottery services is easier than ever. Simply see if your state offers a VIP membership for its residence and sign up to reap the benefits. Downloading the available apps is also an additional bonus for many lottery fans.

The VIP Lottery Service App:

States such as Tennessee allows lottery players to download an app that it VIP Player Suite Members use. Membership is free and the app allows you to conveniently scan tickets and enter into its drawings, redeem points and gets alerts from many of the lottery drawings. The apps are free to purchase and a number of states have apps available that each include their own perks.

Lottery Hub:

Lottery hub is another app for Powerball and Mega Millions drawings. Users can get notification, check winning number and enter to win prizes from Lottery Hub reward points.

Lottery Scratchers:

If you are a huge fan of scratch off tickets than you will want to download this app. Users can purchase available scratch off tickets and play without having to search for a coin.

If you are a fan of playing the lottery than you will want to check out some of the many available VIP lottery service that are made available to you. Many of the membership and apps are completely free to use and download. With the many perks and convenience to access tickets and games from your phone you can increase your chances of winning even more. You must however be 18 to play and comply with any other state restricted gambling laws.

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