Cab Driver From New Jersey Becomes Multi-Millionaire With Powerball Jackpot Win

If you do a search on some of the biggest lottery jackpots all around the world, you will find the USA Powerball name again and again. This American lottery game has been around for a long time and has been known to change the lives of thousands of people, not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world. The Powerball draws are conducted twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, which means that you have two opportunities to win a prize every week. Its PowerPlay option is its most attractive feature because it can be useful for doubling the jackpot. 

The price of the Powerball tickets is also very cheap and you don’t have to spend more than $2 for participating in a draw. However, this also means that the odds of winning the game are quite competitive and it is not easy to win the big prize. Smaller prizes are also available, but obviously, everyone wants to take home the jackpot. If you look at the past Powerball winners, you will notice that some of them had been playing for a long time before they were able to win the prize. There are also some winners who won the lottery after only a couple of tries. 

There are numerous tricks and strategies out there that claim to help you in improving the odds of winning the lottery, whether it is the Powerball or any other game. A lot of lottery players dedicate their time in trying to understand these tactics and use them in order to win a prize. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t earn them anything. Duncan Andrews was a cab driver in New Jersey who wasn’t interested in playing the lottery at all. He was a regular guy who had come to New Jersey with the dream of earning big so he could open a bar. 

A long time ago, his dad had owned couple of bars, but they had lost everything to his father’s gambling problem. Duncan’s dad had eventually fallen sick and passed away, leaving nothing behind for his family. In his desire to provide a good life to his mother and sisters, Duncan came to New Jersey looking for a job and ended up driving a cab. He did not give up on his dream of opening a bar and saved a small part of his paycheck every month for this purpose. But, even he knew that it would take a long time for him to save enough to fulfill his dream.

It was a regular day when Duncan stopped at a store in the evening to buy a couple of beers to take home with him. He was done for the night and was planning to relax and watch some television. The store owner did not have change to give him so he asked him to buy a Powerball lottery ticket instead. While Duncan was not very interested in the lottery, he thought it would be fun to play a couple of numbers. He took some time and decided to go with a combination of his birthday, his cab numbers and the day’s date. 

He didn’t think much of it and left. The draw was on Saturday and by then, Duncan had totally forgotten about it. He picked up a fare on Sunday and while driving to their destination, he heard the couple talking about the Powerball draw on Saturday and how no one had come forward to claim the $300 million plus jackpot. That’s when he remembered his own ticket. Once he dropped them off, Duncan immediately took out his ticket from his wallet and went to the nearest store to find out if he had won anything.

He was blown over when he was told that he had the winning numbers. Duncan was just unable to believe his luck could turn around like that. He immediately claimed his winnings and decided not to choose the annuity option because he wanted to open a bar as he had dreamt of. He hired a lawyer to help him with the ins and outs and in a month, he had his own bar. He couldn’t be happier. He also bought a house and brought his mothers and sisters to New Jersey to share it with him. 

He also formed a charity organization in his father’s name and went back to the store from where he had purchased the ticket. He gave a few thousand dollars to the clerk who had asked him to buy the ticket instead of getting change. It had been Duncan’s first time participating in the Powerball draw and he had won in his first attempt outright. This is indeed the stuff of stories and dreams, but it became Duncan’s life. His bar turned out to be successful so he opened a couple more all over New Jersey. 

He decided to quit driving a cab and instead went to business school so he could learn how to manage his bars on his own. He also sent his younger sister to college as she had always wanted to continue her studies. Duncan did not ignore his friends either. On the night of his bar opening, he invited all his friends and gave them free drinks. He also gave some of the money to people he knew were in troubled financial situations because he didn’t want anyone to suffer.

While Duncan’s win was undeniably a stroke of luck as it is very rare for people to win a prize on their first try in the Powerball, it is indeed possible for people to win. You just need to buy the tickets to the next draw, which you can do from the store or even buy them online without having to go out of the house. You can improve your odds by using some number tricks or buy a large number of tickets. Syndicates can also be joined as they can improve your odds considerably and help you in winning a prize in the Powerball.

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