Bitcoin Lotto: Cryptocurrency Lottery Games The New Big Thing?

Lottoland has made some serious online hype in the past few days with their new Bitcoin lottery, which is based on the Bonoloto results, with a prize of 1,000 Bitcoin and tickets for the cost of 3.5 Euros per line. The odds of winning this type of Bitcoin lottery game are about 1 in 14,000,000 - the same odds of the Bonoloto lottery game from Spain that they are emulating.

Bitcoin Lotto

They are not the first to come up with a Bitcoin Lottery idea. There have been many before them and will be many after them but maybe they will be the ones to make it mainstream. Just like many ideas, there sometimes needs to be a big player in the industry that comes along and pushes something forward before it can become mainstream. 

cryptocurrency lottery

So will be seeing a new cryptocurrency lottery frenzy? Only time will tell.. What we can say for sure at the moment, is that with the current BTC price over $15,000 the jackpot prize offered of 1,000 bitcoins is a whole lot of money and many Bitcoin lovers will be willing to stake 3.5 Euros on a chance to win all of those precious cryptos.

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