Grandfather Claims $24.1 Million Lotto Ticket Two Days Before Deadline

Grandfather claims $24.1 million lotto ticket two days before deadline

A 68 year old retired man who used to work as a security officer in New Jersey is very lucky this week. He is one of a handful of last-minute lottery winners reported this year.

68-year-old Jimmie Smith from New Jersey claimed the $24.1 million New York Lotto jackpot from a drawing held in May of 2016.

He almost missed out on the jackpot prize because the one-year deadline for claiming the prize was closely approaching.

Smith read a news article about the missing winner and started looking through his clothing, remembering that he had bought a ticket during May of 2016 but never looked to see if he had won anything.

He found an old shirt that he had not worn for a very long time and the shirt had a pocket, where he found a few unchecked tickets dating back to May 2016.

He started to check the tickets one by one and realized Lady Luck was in fact on his side - as one of his tickets was the jackpot winner!

Smith, who has 2 children and 12 grandchildren says he has plans to get all of family together and have a large family discussion about what to do with the millions of dollars from the prize.

Smith says he has been playing the New York Lottery since the 1960s and has never won any large prizes so he has never been in a rush to check his tickets after a draw. "I always tell myself that I willl check them when I have the time," he says.

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