Online Lottery Platform Technology - What is the Best Platform?

There are a few popular and highly effective online lottery platform technologies offered by platform providers, if you search "Google" you will see that the leading providers are definitely Lottotech, Kootac, Lottoyard, Playtech, Lottonetix and LocusPlay. There are a few more of these technology based platform services and we want to help you in finding the best one today.

So what is the difference between each online lottery platform service? We have done our research for you and today we will give you the information you are probably also looking for, if you want to start an online lottery website you probably are not going to make your own platform and are looking to find out which one of the existing platforms is the best one.
Online Lottery Platform Technology
Online Lottery Platform Technology

When we called up LottoTech we got no answer on the telephone, we also sent them an email and got no answer after more than a week! our email included questions about thier platform and we stated that we were also looking into starting a Whitelabel. We called them up a week later and still no answer on the phone!

We know that at the moment Lottotech has many Whitelabel websites and many of the top online lottery ticket providers use the Lottotech platform. But why no answer? We will update you with more info once they answer us.

We also called all of the other platform providers and sent them an email. The only one that answered the phone and answered our email was actually Lottonetix. Kootac, Lottoyard, Playtech and LocusPlay all also did not answer the initial phone call, did not answer emails and did not answer the second phone call a week later.

This leads us to believe that the online online lottery platform services provider that is actually taking on new clients and further investing in their technology is LottoNetix. Other than this we could not get any information at all. Lottonetix would not tell us which of the leading brands are using thier software, but once we find out we will update this post and let you know.

What online Lottery Platform Does "TheLotter" Use?

We sent an email to "TheLotter", the leading online lottery brand with over 50,000 active players. They said that they can not give us any information regarding thier platform, also in this instance if we find any more information we will update you.

For the moment it looks like the best online lottery technology platform provider is LottoNetix.

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