Lotto 6/49 - $1 million random luck for Edmonton Couple

Playing the same numbers for 30 years in the lotto can be very beneficial every now and then.

It was the haphazard numbers from Lotto 6/49 however that was most beneficial for Susan Khoury and Dennis Laliberte from Edmonton one day in August.

This couple has used the birthday combinations of relatives; these were numbers they use regularly. They were the recipients of $1 million from the numbers: 38538430-01.

It’s fascinating, they’ve purchased these tickets for more than 30 years, and Susan was speechless when they won the $1 million dollars, it was unbelievable at first.

What will they do with the money? The verdict is out; they will definitely settle some bills and of course help their children by giving them portions.

Wolf Willow Husky in Edmonton, 6827 170 Street NW is the location where the couple purchased their lucky ticket.

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