Cab Driver From New Jersey Becomes Multi-Millionaire With Powerball Jackpot Win

If you do a search on some of the biggest lottery jackpots all around the world, you will find the USA Powerball name again and again. This American lottery game has been around for a long time and has been known to change the lives of thousands of people, not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world. The Powerball draws are conducted twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, which means that you have two opportunities to win a prize every week. Its PowerPlay option is its most attractive feature because it can be useful for doubling the jackpot. 

The price of the Powerball tickets is also very cheap and you don’t have to spend more than $2 for participating in a draw. However, this also means that the odds of winning the game are quite competitive and it is not easy to win the big prize. Smaller prizes are also available, but obviously, everyone wants to take home the jackpot. If you look at the past Powerball winners, you will notice that some of them had been playing for a long time before they were able to win the prize. There are also some winners who won the lottery after only a couple of tries. 

There are numerous tricks and strategies out there that claim to help you in improving the odds of winning the lottery, whether it is the Powerball or any other game. A lot of lottery players dedicate their time in trying to understand these tactics and use them in order to win a prize. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t earn them anything. Duncan Andrews was a cab driver in New Jersey who wasn’t interested in playing the lottery at all. He was a regular guy who had come to New Jersey with the dream of earning big so he could open a bar. 

A long time ago, his dad had owned couple of bars, but they had lost everything to his father’s gambling problem. Duncan’s dad had eventually fallen sick and passed away, leaving nothing behind for his family. In his desire to provide a good life to his mother and sisters, Duncan came to New Jersey looking for a job and ended up driving a cab. He did not give up on his dream of opening a bar and saved a small part of his paycheck every month for this purpose. But, even he knew that it would take a long time for him to save enough to fulfill his dream.

It was a regular day when Duncan stopped at a store in the evening to buy a couple of beers to take home with him. He was done for the night and was planning to relax and watch some television. The store owner did not have change to give him so he asked him to buy a Powerball lottery ticket instead. While Duncan was not very interested in the lottery, he thought it would be fun to play a couple of numbers. He took some time and decided to go with a combination of his birthday, his cab numbers and the day’s date. 

He didn’t think much of it and left. The draw was on Saturday and by then, Duncan had totally forgotten about it. He picked up a fare on Sunday and while driving to their destination, he heard the couple talking about the Powerball draw on Saturday and how no one had come forward to claim the $300 million plus jackpot. That’s when he remembered his own ticket. Once he dropped them off, Duncan immediately took out his ticket from his wallet and went to the nearest store to find out if he had won anything.

He was blown over when he was told that he had the winning numbers. Duncan was just unable to believe his luck could turn around like that. He immediately claimed his winnings and decided not to choose the annuity option because he wanted to open a bar as he had dreamt of. He hired a lawyer to help him with the ins and outs and in a month, he had his own bar. He couldn’t be happier. He also bought a house and brought his mothers and sisters to New Jersey to share it with him. 

He also formed a charity organization in his father’s name and went back to the store from where he had purchased the ticket. He gave a few thousand dollars to the clerk who had asked him to buy the ticket instead of getting change. It had been Duncan’s first time participating in the Powerball draw and he had won in his first attempt outright. This is indeed the stuff of stories and dreams, but it became Duncan’s life. His bar turned out to be successful so he opened a couple more all over New Jersey. 

He decided to quit driving a cab and instead went to business school so he could learn how to manage his bars on his own. He also sent his younger sister to college as she had always wanted to continue her studies. Duncan did not ignore his friends either. On the night of his bar opening, he invited all his friends and gave them free drinks. He also gave some of the money to people he knew were in troubled financial situations because he didn’t want anyone to suffer.

While Duncan’s win was undeniably a stroke of luck as it is very rare for people to win a prize on their first try in the Powerball, it is indeed possible for people to win. You just need to buy the tickets to the next draw, which you can do from the store or even buy them online without having to go out of the house. You can improve your odds by using some number tricks or buy a large number of tickets. Syndicates can also be joined as they can improve your odds considerably and help you in winning a prize in the Powerball.

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Players can feel safe on Lottohoy’s platform, and with full confidence that their personal and economic data will be perfectly safeguarded, as security is guaranteed in all telematic operations. The platform has implemented security protocols with 256-bit A + SSL Certificates to protect the exchange of electronic information.

How to play at LottoHoy

They have created a site that is available for any type of mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. With a fresh and clear web design, which allows you to see all the possibilities offered by the platform from the first contact.

When accessing any of the offered lotteries, the page shows various columns to select your combination (which can be done manually by clicking on each numbered box, or let the system itself choose the combination randomly -Quick Pick-) . does not require a minimum purchase or plays, being the user able to choose to play a single line or column, or make as many as he wishes.

What lotteries can you play at

LottoHoy offers to its customers a wide variety of lotteries. After the last update you have the following lotteries to available :

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Ticket prices and payment methods

The prices of the lottery tickets offered are probably the lowest compared to other companies with similar characteristics.

The purchases or deposits into the user account can be done through any of the payment methods that are provided: Bitcoin and other 50 cryptocurrencies, in addition to the traditional methods of VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Piastrix, entercash, ecoPayz, paysafecard, entropay, etc ...

The prizes won are deposited into the user account, and immediately available for withdrawal if desired.

Customer Service

Lottohoy offers customers and interested parties a contact service through a form on their site, a direct email address 24/7, and a chat service, all available at any time.

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Choose Online Lottery

How to Choose the right lottery?

Winning a lottery can be purely magical. Walking away with millions of dollars just by spending a few dollars can change your life forever. The lottery winners have always made the best use of the cash and there is a good chance that you can be the next winner. With numerous lottery games available, you need to choose the right lottery to maximize your chances of winning.

Before choosing your lottery game, you have to carefully consider the prize money. You have to pick a jackpot lottery that offers the maximum prize money. This way, you can take home a large sum of cash even if you have to share the lottery with others. It is best to choose a lottery that has been rolled over at least once. This will increase the jackpot amount and ensure that you go home with a large sum of money.

Some websites and software claim that you can pick winning lottery numbers easily. However, the truth is that lottery game machines pick up random numbers with their own algorithm and it is impossible to fool the system. If you have been playing lottery for some time, you can use your experience and history of the lottery to pick the numbers that have a higher chance of winning. In the end, lottery is all about luck and you will never know when your lucky day is.

The Top Lotto brings to you the best lotteries and jackpots all over the world. You can play the lottery in any country irrespective of where you live. We bring you the live results and help you to choose the best numbers to maximize your winning chances. To truly increase your odds of winning, buy as many tickets as you want using our easy online lottery system.

Best Way To Choose Lottery Numbers

Lottery is a game of luck, but you can use some game strategies to pick numbers that have higher chances of winning the lottery. Even though the probability is the same for all numbers to be picked, you can see from the history that certain numbers are picked more number of times by the lottery machine. No one really knows the exact method to choose winning lottery numbers, but you don’t have to make completely random choices.

You can pick your lottery numbers based on past results. Research about the numbers that are picked frequently and choose your number set accordingly. You have to spend a lot of time in understanding the frequency chart to pick the number with highest frequency. In lottery, it is not just the numbers, but the set of numbers that help you win the jackpot.

Many people use the Delta system to choose lottery numbers. In this system, you have to pick the lottery numbers based on a statistical study about sequential numbers. Using this strategy, you have to pick low numbers so that the sum of the numbers is less than the highest number allowed in the lottery.

It is also a good strategy to believe in lucky numbers. You can pick numbers that are significant for you. Even though there is no guarantee that your lucky numbers will help you win, you can have a personal touch with your lottery game. Some people play lotteries over and over again with the same set of numbers.

A new study has revealed that you should choose unpopular numbers so that you can increase the chances of winning the lottery. After this study was published, the unpopular numbers became popular as millions of people wanted to win the lottery.

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Lottery Combinations Generator

Choosing lottery numbers is a tricky task. You can never be sure that you will win the jackpot until you see the results. Sometimes, you may miss the lottery by a number or two. It can be disheartening to see that the numbers you ignored while buying the lottery being actually the winning lottery number combination. You may be confused by the numerous winning strategies available on the internet. Every lottery winner has his own strategy and it is impossible to apply everything you read. You can choose your lottery numbers without any hassle with the lottery combinations generator.

The lottery combinations generator is an automated system that picks your lottery numbers for you based on the past results. You can choose a combination of hot, cold and overdue numbers that have higher chances of winning. The automated system selects numbers based on recent statistics. This will eliminate the need to do personal research as you can get the statistics more easily.

You can input your own lucky numbers with the lottery combinations generator. The software will use the numbers you give to generate a set of numbers with a higher chance of winning. If you not comfortable in spending some time to choose your lottery numbers, you can allow the computer to play quick picks. Simply let the computer choose random numbers and wait for the results.

Several jackpot winners have successfully won jackpots with the lottery combinations generator. It will reduce the time and effort to choose the best lottery numbers. Top Lotto has the best lottery combinations generator that will pick the right combination of numbers for you. With this automated system, you can easily increase your chances of winning the jackpot. You can generate as many tickets as you want to win your favorite jackpot and play as many times as you can.

All About the Canadian Lottario

Lottario Winner -  $100,000 winning Encore ticket sold in Bolton
Lottario Winner -  $100,000 winning Encore ticket sold in Bolton
While there are a good number of lotteries which can be played internationally, there are some lotteries which are exclusive to residents of a particular geographical location. An example of such a Lottery game is the Canadian Lottario. Created by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, the Lottario lottery is a game exclusive to the residents of Ontario, Canada. This means that for someone to participate in the lottery, he/she must reside in the province of Ontario. Because of this, the Lottario jackpot cannot compare with the jackpots of other domestic lottery games such as the Lotto 6/49 and the Lotto Max. However, because of its small jurisdiction, the odds of winning a prize are very impressive as compared to those of other flagship lottery games. The first ever draw of the Lottario lottery took place on Saturday, 14th November 2015 thereby making the game a fairly new game when compared to its counterparts.

How to Play the Lottario

The Lottario lottery follows a 6/45+1 matrix. With this method of play, players are expected to pick six numbers from 1 to 45. Players can play the Lottario lottery using either the manual selection method or the Quick Pick method. Players can choose to pick their own numbers by simply marking their six numbers on the Lottario Selection Slip and handing over the slip to the retailer. Players can mark their six numbers on a maximum of 10 boards per slip. Each board costs $1. Alternatively, players can choose to let the system choose random numbers on their behalf. To play using this method, players will have to check the Quick Pick box on their Lottario Selection Slip or simply ask their lottery retailer for a Quick Pick. This method of play is the fastest and easiest method of play and is suitable for first-timers or players who are in a hurry. Once a Quick Pick is played, the terminal randomly generates two sets of six numbers for the player.

Another method of play is the Combination Play. The combination system of play allows players to increase their chances of matching more Lottario winning numbers by playing combinations of numbers chosen. The combination system of play gives players the chance to win multiple prizes by playing multiple combinations of numbers chosen. To play via Combination Play, simply choose the Combination type you wish to play by marking the appropriate box. Players can choose between the 5, 7, 8 or 9 number combination. After choosing the combination, players can then move forward to choose their numbers based on the combination played. This means that players who played the 7-number combination play should choose their 7 numbers, those who chose 8-number combination play should choose 8 numbers and so on. Once the numbers have been chosen, the selected numbers together with a second set of system-generated numbers, are then automatically arranged into all the different combinations of six. Because the combination play method improves the odds of winning, the prize per ticket is also different from that of a regular Lottario ticket. A combination ticket of 5 numbers costs $40 while a 7-number combination ticket costs $7. 8-number and 9-number combination tickets cost $28 and $84 respectively.

Another option of the Lottario is the “Encore”. The Encore is a complimentary game to the Lottario which offers players a chance to win $1 million. Encore offers players 22 different ways to win a prize and prizes start from $2. To add this option to your ticket, simply mark the number of Encore you wish to play on your selection slip. Alternatively, you can ask your lottery retailer to include the Encore option on your Lottario Quick Picks. The cost per play for Encore is $1 and players can play Encore for a maximum of 10 times per ticket.

Players can also choose to play their chosen numbers for future draws. This feature is referred to as the “Advance Play” option and the Lottario lottery gives players the chance to play up to 26 weeks of advance play. There is also the “Early Bird” draw during which four Early Bird numbers are drawn. To win the Early Bird Prize, players have to hit all Early Bird numbers. All tickets purchased before 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday are automatically considered for the Early Bird draw.

Winnings and Prizes

Draws for the Lottario lottery are held every week on Saturday night. Up till 10:30 PM ET on draw night, players can purchase tickets online through online vendors such as Lottosend. During the draw, six balls are extracted from a pool of 45 balls. An additional ball – Bonus ball, is also extracted after the first six balls have been drawn. Should a player match all six main balls, he/she wins the Lottario jackpot. The Lottario jackpot has a starting amount of $250,000 which is rolled over to the next draw each time it is not won. There is no cap for the jackpot and as such, the jackpot amount can grow into millions. The odds of winning the jackpot with a $1 play stand at 1 in 4,072 million. 

The second prize which amounts to $10,000 is won by hitting five of the six main numbers plus the Bonus number. With odds that stand at 1 in 678,755, winning this prize doesn’t seem far-fetched. The third prize can be won by hitting 5 of the 6 main balls. The amount for successfully winning this prize is $500. Other prizes exist for matching 0, 3 or 4 main numbers plus the Bonus number. Prizes also exist for those who match, 3 or 4 main numbers without the Bonus number. Prize amounts increase as the number of balls matched increase. The prize for matching just the Bonus number is one Free Play while the odds of matching any prize is 1 in 5.8. 

The Early Bird Prize of $50,000 is shared equally among all the players who match the four Early Bird numbers. All prizes must be claimed within a one-year period after which all unclaimed prizes will be paid to the provincial government of Ontario.

Bitcoin Lotto: Cryptocurrency Lottery Games The New Big Thing?

Lottoland has made some serious online hype in the past few days with their new Bitcoin lottery, which is based on the Bonoloto results, with a prize of 1,000 Bitcoin and tickets for the cost of 3.5 Euros per line. The odds of winning this type of Bitcoin lottery game are about 1 in 14,000,000 - the same odds of the Bonoloto lottery game from Spain that they are emulating.

Bitcoin Lotto

They are not the first to come up with a Bitcoin Lottery idea. There have been many before them and will be many after them but maybe they will be the ones to make it mainstream. Just like many ideas, there sometimes needs to be a big player in the industry that comes along and pushes something forward before it can become mainstream. 

cryptocurrency lottery

So will be seeing a new cryptocurrency lottery frenzy? Only time will tell.. What we can say for sure at the moment, is that with the current BTC price over $15,000 the jackpot prize offered of 1,000 bitcoins is a whole lot of money and many Bitcoin lovers will be willing to stake 3.5 Euros on a chance to win all of those precious cryptos.

$15 CashBack Lottery Tickets Online